Virtual Parent Participation and Tot Class testimony. "We’ve had the pleasure of joining in the virtual TOT classes and my son loves it. Ms. Vikki is engaging with every student and they each get moments to shine. It’s just the right amount of time to keep the kids entertained. We bought the preschool package and my son has been using all the items practically everyday in different ways! Thanks for keeping my kids engaged and physically active. We look forward to the next class and hope we see more friends there!"
"We're so proud to be a part of this gym. So much that he have all 4 of our kids in classes. Our oldest started at Byers when she was 5, now she is 8 and on their competitive team. Gymnastics has been a constant overcoming of fears for her and it's been amazing to watch her want to face them and work on them everyday. Our second has been going since she was a toddler, and let's just say she was a little more accident prone prior to her gymnastics classes, but now she is on preteam and on track to be a part of their JO competitive team. Our youngest two boys are in the Kinder program which has been an amazing foundation for balance, coordination, strength, learning colors, and peer interaction. Kids are going to fall, gymnastics teaches them to be aware of their bodies and to fall more safely. Plus the delayed gratification that is taught in failing over and over before getting it right is priceless. We also appreciate the staff and coaches as we've always felt they have the athletes best interest in mind. The programs here are designed to instill a love of gymnastics at a young age with a long term goal in mind. With that said, each kid has different needs, and will move at their own pace and that's great! This gym has a great track record of helping grow young athletes into amazing young adults. We're looking forward to many years to come with this Gym. Thank you Rhonda and Vikki for creating a great environment and program."
Aura S.
"My daughter has been going to Byers Citrus Heights for a year and she loves it. The coaches are amazing and patient, the atmosphere is calm and exciting, and I have been so excited to watch my child grow! Thank you to all the Byers team for being such a huge part in my child's life."
Jenn S.
"Byers Gymnastics has given my daughter so much confidence. It is very clean, organized, and reasonably priced for families. The coaches are knowledgeable and have excellent social skills. We love Byers Gymnastics and we recommend anyone who is looking for a place for serious competition, or for the little ones who need to release some energy. Try them out. I guarantee it will exceed your expectations."
Dominic B.
"I like the break-down of classes by age so the skills are learned together. I’ts a great place for my daughter to get her wiggles out in a structured environment. The instructors are fun, enthusiastic, but firm!"
Marina F.
"Miss Vikki is just wonderful! She’s so patient and is so knowledgeable. She see’s my daughter’s potential and is able to bring it out."
Irina C.
"Our kids have really enjoyed going to Byers. They have grown to be stronger, more confident children. The environment is very welcoming and our children feel very at home at the gym. The teachers always make sure the children are pushed to be better athletes and yet still make it fun."
Carla P.
"We love Byers! My kids are learning and growing so much. They are never bored with the program. I feel at home when I walk inside. The staff is amazingly helpful, and so encouraging. Thank you Byers for giving my kids a fun and safe place to grow, learn, and be kids."
Jamie G.
"I have a strong, intelligent, hardworking and confident 17 yr old because of you, your Mom, Elisha, Travis, JD, Miss T and so many others have done for her and I am beyond grateful. She would not be who she is without all of you and everything you did to help raise her."
Deborah n.
"I love how Byers is so welcoming to new gymnasts. The front desk is super friendly and helpful. My daughter enjoys each of her classes and is always excited to go. I love the variety of classes and choices of times. Byers has a lot to choose from when it comes to gymnastics. Plus, we like that they have open gym on Saturday. I would recommend Byers to anyone"
Shannon R.
"Our family loves Byers! It's a great gym where kids can have a blast learning new skills and growing as athletes. I have two young children who really enjoy the kinder classes and two older daughters who are loving the pre-team and team programs. All 4 of my children get excited when it gymnastics day. As a mom I also love that Byers has high level athletes training daily who are great role models for the little ones. Highly recommend to anyone!"
Julie W.
"My daughters, 11 and 14, who had not participated in gymnastics in many years, decided they wanted to take it up again. I was a little unsure about whether we could find the right classes for their ages and skill levels. I needn't have worried! Byers Gymnastics center had just what both of them needed. My youngest, in just a few short months, has progressed from GB1 to GB3 and has learned so much from all her great coaches: Amy, Ariana, Braeden, Mr. Leo, Sam and Vanessa. My older daughter has come so far in Mr. Leo's tumbling classes and loves it! Plus Amber, Jackie and the rest of the staff are so friendly and accommodating. Thank you Byers Gym!"
Melisa G.
"Awesome coaches! Great place to have fun, to learn skills, confidence and self-discipline, and to get some exercise! The staff is so fun, encouraging and supportive! Thank you, Byers, for making our lives better!"
Rebecca T.