"I love this Byers Gymnastics Center - Roseville. My daughter has only been there for a month and a half, she is 3 and is doing amazing. The coaches are awesome and have amazing patience with the kids. My daughter absolutely loves her gymnastics day, she looks forward to it all week long. I highly recommend Byers! Five stars."
Jim C.
"We’re so proud to be a part of this gym. We have all 4 of our kids in classes. Our oldest started at Byers when she was 5, now she is 8 and on their competitive team. Gymnastics has been a constant overcoming of fears for her and it’s been amazing to watch her want to face them and work on them everyday. Our second has been going since she was a toddler, and let’s just say she was a little more accident prone prior to her gymnastics classes, but now she is on preteam aiming for their JO team and she is also a part of their new XCEL Team. Our youngest two boys are in the Kinder program which has been an amazing foundation for balance, coordination, strength, learning colors, and peer interaction. Kids are going to fall, gymnastics teaches them to be aware of their bodies and to fall more safely. Plus the delayed gratification that is taught in failing over and over before getting it right is priceless. We also appreciate the staff and coaches as we’ve always felt they have the athletes best interest in mind. The programs here are designed to instill a love of gymnastics at a young age with a long term goal in mind. With that said, each kid has different needs, and will move at their own pace and that’s great! This gym has a great track record of helping grow young athletes into amazing young adults. We’re looking forward to many years to come with this Gym. Thank you Rhonda and Vikki for creating a great environment and program."
Aura S.
Byers awards section gymnastics meet
"Byers gym Roseville is the best gym for any age! My daughter is 15 months old and just recently had her first parent participation class....and she loved it! Amy, our coach, was so patient and kind and gave me several different strategies for my daughter on the circuit since she was the smallest. I recommend this gym to everyone! We will be back and I now have a little gymnast! Thank you Byers for being such a positive place for my little girl!"
Dayna P.
Byers gymnast competition photo
"My daughter started in this gym on Nov 2016 as a preteam. She was invited to try out for level 4 a year after. After training for 5 months, she started competing and made to the podium every single meet. The coaches are training the kids very well. During the meets you can see how disciplined the kids are from uniform to shoes and hair. They really stand out compared to other gyms. Kudos to the owner Rhonda, she is strict but you will understand when you see your kid is doing great!"
Joan G.
Byers gymnastics level 10 gymnast
"Gymnastics has been quite a journey we weren't expecting. Started out taking classes for cheer. Next thing we know we start team. Now 8 years later my daughter is a level 10 and Byer's is her 2nd home. Her team is her family. The coaches know my child as well and if not better at times. They know how and when to push her. Deciding to go to Byer's was the best choice as parents we've ever made. When we travel for meets, the other teams want to rotate with us because our girls have a such a supportive and great reputation. Our program is the best in Norcal. We drive an hour each way 5 days a week just to train at this Gym. Thank you Byer's staff for not only teaching my daughter gymnastics but responsibility, respect and accountability."
Jeanenne H.
"As a grandparent I would like to say how enjoyable it is to watch what my grandchildren have learned at Byers. They love the exercise and activity and learn to follow instructions. The Summer Olympics event was a lot of fun. The staff is wonderful with their enthusiasm and genuine enjoyment of working with the children. The Byers program is great for kids and families."
David L.
"We have been going to Byers for over a year now. We started at the Roseville gym and since moved to the Rocklin gym after they opened. They have been amazing for our daughter and we love how much emphasis they put on technique and safety. Our daughter has improved so fast. They push just enough to keep them challenged giving them every opportunity to excel while keeping them safe."
Zachary F.
"My daughter loves being a little gymnast!!! Everyone is so nice and they do such a great job teaching and coaching the kids!"
Erika K.
"Byers cares about the whole person. My daughter was not only developed as a gymnast, but also as a human being who is confident and loves others."
Veronica F.
"I can't say enough about this place and their coaches! They seem to always know just what each kid needs to make them successful! They understand that gymnastics is not just a sport that takes lots of physical strength, but mental strength as well. They are experts at targeting the needs of each kid and helping them strengthen both the physical and mental aspects of the sport! Saying Thank you doesn't seem to be enough! Thank you!"
Deborah n.
"Had our first class there. My kids loved it! They learned a lot. Their teachers were very nice. Staff was very friendly. Clean gym and inviting environment."
Carla P.
"Byers is such a wonderful gym! The staff are all so helpful, kind and encouraging to little ones. The kids are taught teamwork and self sufficiency. Classes are fun but also competitive for successful training! I highly recommend this gym!"
Emily B.