How Great is Our Staff…

Byers Gymnastics Center staff members are certified in Concussion Training, CPR and First Aid Training. In addition, Staff Members are required to undergo background checks, become Safety Certified and SafeSport Certified with USA Gymnastics. All Staff members are TB tested. Monthly Staff Meetings, with gymnastics training, are required. Byers also sends staff to yearly gymnastics Congresses to stay updated on the latest and greatest gymnastics training techniques.

Roseville Staff


Rhonda Hawkins

Team 8 - 10 (Owner/Head Team Coach)

“Everyday is a fun experience! The kids and the staff make coming to work the
best part of the day!”


Vikki Thomason

Pre-School (Owner/Gym Director)

 “The kids always put a smile on my face!”



Office Manager

“It has been my pleasure to help so many students and families get their start in this amazing sport at Byers Gymnastics.  I have been working the front office since 2006.  I love watching the excitement of a kid starting their first class and seeing them grow and learn.”



Team 8 - 10 (Special Events Director)

 “I enjoy helping students reach their individual goals. It’s great seeing the gymnasts so happy and proud of their accomplishments.”



Tot, KinderGym 1, Team 4 - 10 (Class/Staff Director)

 “I love coaching at Byers because I love the sport, the kids, and the atmosphere
in the gym. My coworkers make the job enjoyable, but the kids make the job
exciting. I love working with all ages, from the precious 3 year olds, to the
teenagers of team. They are all amazing.”



Pre-Team, Team 5 - 9

“I enjoy getting to have an impact on all the kids I teach. Watching them grow in the sport as an athlete, and as a person, is such an amazing thing to experience.”



Team 4 - 5

“I Like coaching at Byers because it is family. I started at Byers as gymnast at 14 years old and started coaching at 15. It has been fun and extremely awarding to coach something I have always done. As I’ve gotten older I realized we aren’t just teaching forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels; We are teaching life lessons. We, as coaches, can teach self motivation, work ethic, determination to not give up, and how to be gracious in success and failure.”



Team Levels 3-5

“I love helping the kids accomplish skills they never thought they could learn. It’s amazing how much potential the kids can reach.”



Team Levels 3 - 5

“I love watching the kids learn new skills, as well as watching them go through
their progressions. Seeing the smiles on their faces whenever they achieve one of
their goals makes me so happy.”



Parent Participation - Basics 4

 “The kids always put a smile on my face!”



Parent Participation, Tot, KinderGym 1, GB 1 - 3

 “ I love to see kids get new skills and be excited to come to class everyday.
Getting to coach them and see them have fun always makes me happy.”



Parent Participation - Pre-Team

“ I enjoy seeing the kids succeed in the skills they have been working hard to get
and seeing the joy on their faces.”



Parent Participation, Tot, KinderGym 1 - 3, GB 1 - 3, Xcel

“I enjoy coaching gymnastics because I love seeing how far the kids grow in the
sport. I love teaching them if they keep trying, they will achieve their goals. It is so
rewarding to see the kids get a skill they have been working so hard on.”



Tot, KinderGym 1, GB 1, BB 1

“My favorite part about teaching is putting smiles on the faces of my kids and
making sure they love being in my class. It makes me feel so happy when the kids
begin to feel comfortable with the skills I teach. I also love how I feel like I have an
impact on these kids; not just in gymnastics, but life in general as well.”

Citrus Heights Staff


Courtney Trueblood

Gym Director

“Coaching at Byers is so rewarding. I love coming into the gym and seeing the excitement on all the kids’ faces as they get ready to start. I think it’s an incredible thing to be able to watch these kids learn, adapt, and progress into athletes. It is also amazing being a part of helping them grow into their own person.”



Parent Participation, Team

“I enjoy helping the kids grow as athletes and people. Watching kids reach their goals
and seeing the excitement never fails to make me smile.”



“My favorite thing about coaching is being able to see the progress that the kids make.  I love to watch them gradually get stronger and more confident in their skills!”



Tot, KinderGym 1 - 3, GB 1 - 3, BB 1-3

“I love getting to know the kids and seeing their face light up when they get a new skill
and move up a level.”





“I love seeing kids get a new skill they have been working toward for so long.  It brings excitement to the gymnast and coach and shows them that their hard work pays off.”



GB 1 - 2, BB 1 - 2

“I love seeing the joy in the kids’ faces, once they finally make a skill they have been working towards for weeks! It’s a truly amazing opportunity to get to help teach these kids life skills; such as perseverance, toughness, and discipline, while keeping them physically active.”

Rocklin Staff

Byers Rocklin Gym Director Photo Coach Jackie

Jackie Hawkins

Gym Director

“I love everything about coaching gymnastics! There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child blossom as an athlete, and as a human. I am grateful to be part of the Byers culture!”



Office Manager

“I really love watching the kids’ confidence grow from week to week & skill to skill.”



Tot, GB 4, BB 1 - 2

“I love seeing the kids progress on skills over time and seeing them have tons of fun! I also love the work environment; All of the staff are extremely nice and helpful! Working here with kids at Byers is something I hope to do for a while!”



Kindergym 1, GB 1 - 3, Mini Tumblers, Tumbling 1 - 2

 “I love watching the kids grow as athletes and it’s so fun being able to share the
knowledge of what I used to love doing.”



Tot, GB 1 - 3, Tumbling 1 - 2

 “I love being around the kids and helping them learn! It’s so exciting when they get new skills!”



Tot, Girl’s Basic 1 - 2

“I love all the kids. I always look forward to seeing my kids when I come to class because we always seem to have a good time. The environment is always super
fun, energetic, and bubbly and that’s what makes this job so much fun!”



KinderGym 1 - 2, GB 1

 “I love that everyday I get to come in and make an impact on the kids’ lives. Also,
I love seeing all the kids improve more & more every time they come in.”



Tot, GB 1, KinderGym 1 - 2

“I love getting to know the kids and creating special bonds with them. I also love the environment, everyone is so friendly and inviting.”



Parent Participation, KinderGym 2, GB 1

“I love watching the kids get better at gymnastics and seeing the smile on their faces when they achieve a new skill!”



KinderGym 1

 “I love being able to coach gymnastics to kids and teach them what I have learned. This sport has been my passion since I was 4 years old.”




“I love working with kids and seeing how happy they are when they learn new skills.”



Tot, KinderGym 1, GB 1, BB 1

“My favorite part about teaching is putting smiles on the faces of my kids and making sure they love being in my class. It makes me feel so happy when the kids begin to feel comfortable with the skills I teach. I also love how I feel like I have an impact on these kids; not just in gymnastics, but life in general as well.”