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Tot Gymnastics – A class just for the three-year olds! Lots of fun activity with just the teacher and the tots, no parents in this class. Tots are amazing with all they can learn! Your tot will LOVE bouncing on the trampoline, jumping into the pit, learning how to balance on the beam and swing from the bars. You’ll LOVE all the skills they will be learning.

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Girls ages 6-18 years start learning the basic of gymnastics and have a great time doing it!  This class focuses on gymnastics fundamentals…rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges and splits.  In addition, girls learn to balance on the beams…



Byers Gymnastics Center works with various Charter Schools to offer quality gymnastics training to homeschool students. Our homeschool students can go into a Homeschool Class, where they will be with other homeschoolers, each working at their own pace. Other homeschoolers choose to go into the regular Recreational program and work with other children at a particular skill level. Either path works well…it just depends on what your schedule allows.



Byers offer birthday parties every weekend, call today to book yours!

• An hour and half of fun filled activities.

• Balloon for every child

• Gold Medal & Drawstring Backpack for Birthday child

And so much more…


Competitive Program

Byers Gymnastics Centers has a competitive team starting at level 3 and continuing through level 10. We also provide an Xcel program for Bronze and Silver at our Citrus Heights location. There are currently eight Byers Alumni competing in college in either Gymnastics or Acrobatics and Tumbling and our team has been ranked third in Northern California for the past 2016-2019. We pride ourselves on having a program where the athletes are confident, happy, and successful.


Rolling Through The Levels At Byers Gymnastics

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