I want to be Your Sidekick

Hello, my name is Mark, and I want to be an asset to your super business. I can help your business because I understand what it takes to succeed and I am not afraid of the effort that is required to get there. I know how to push myself and how to get things done. For the past couple years I have put in overtime to educate myself to grow my value, investing both time and money in order to reach my dreams.

The Power of a sidekick

During my time as a sidekick for my family’s window cleaning and janitorial business I oversaw sales and marketing. I was able to grow the company 33% in six months through door to door marketing. At first it was hard to hear “No” so many times, but once I was able to push through I learned that there is always a “Yes” on the other side.

Here I learned how to be resilient and persistent.

the potential of a sidekick

During my time as a sidekick for Performance Athletics I was able to grow from beginner coach to the head of the Superhero program. My manager specifically created this program for me because she saw my potential to be creative and to motivate my class. I was able to wear many hats and manage large numbers of children at the same time.

Here I learned the value of innovation and responsibility.

My Backstory

I have always had a gift for both graphic design and business. I have found that marketing is the perfect intersection of my passions.

A sidekick is only as useful as their work ethic and skills. That is why I have worked to learn as much as I can in the following areas: Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, WordPress Website Development, Copy writing, Google Ad words, Search Engine Optimization, Analytics, Customer Value Optimization, Community Management, Testing, Content Marketing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Video Editing, Photo Editing, and Graphic Design. 

With this skill set I hope to help take your business to the next level.

Contact Info:

Phone: (805) 748-9294

Address: 20710 Amie Ave Apt 217, Torrance CA, 90503

Email: Crockettm34@gmail.com


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Website Portfolio

Udemy Courses

College Education (so far)

Web Development Certificate From Champain College:

  1. CMIT-135-45: Intro to Computer Systems – Fall 2018 (2018F7B)
  2. WEBD-125-40A: Web Page Development I – HTML – Fall 2018 (2018F7A)
  3. WEBD-310-45: Server-Side Scripting – PHP – Summer 2019 (2019U7B)
  4. CMIT-200-45A: Relational DB Design & SQL – Spring 2019 (2019S7B)
  5. WEBD-225-40: Web Pg. Dev. II – CSS and XML – Spring 2019 (2019S7A)
  6. WEBD-330-40: Client Side Scripting – Javascript – Summer 2019 (2019U7A)
  7. WEBD-310-45: Server-Side Scripting – PHP – Summer 2019 (2019U7A)

More Information on the program here.

Other Design and Artwork

Contact Me

Phone: (805) 748 – 9294

Email: crockettm34@gmail.com

Address: 3553 Emerald Ave, Torrance, Ca 90503